How to create a profitable personal SWOT analysis

Have you not grown significantly during the last years? Probably that is because you did not award time to creating your personal SWOT analysis. When theories appear to be simple, people tend to underestimate their power. With this post I want to bring the SWOT analysis back on the map, and use it for personal development purposes.

Effective leadership: Hillary versus Trump

Trump and Hillary; two types of leaders. They both have their own qualities. Which qualities are best suited to fulfill the needs of the United States? In other words: Who would be the better President?

Arrange yourself some nice shoes…

Maybe you recognize this: As a professional you deliver services to other people. Those people are happy as they benefit from them. Despite the fact that you could profit from your professional abilities as well, you do not use them for your own benefit.
Don’t you deserve to profit from your own abilities?

Shoulda, woulda, coulda

‘I should have, would have, could have chosen another option.’ It is very common for people to doubt or regret their decisions. Is this useful? Not if the feeling is unsound or, if it is sound, you do not do anything about it. How can you prevent or let go of these ‘shoulda, woulda, coulda’ feelings?